Global sourcing

Procurement of individual drawing and OEM parts in Asia. DTG GmbH, as the German contractual partner, handles the quality control procedures in China, thus providing legal certainty for its customers.

Our services include

  • Check of requirements and product specifications
  • Optimization of products and costs
  • Selection of materials
  • Supplier research
  • Quality assurance on site
  • Monitoring of measurements
  • Supply chain management
  • Requirement planning
  • Order management
  • Order-to-cash (OTC) operations

Our services comprise the production range from turned and milled parts, punching technology, injection molding of plastics, metal casting, die-casting technology, welding technology, molded rubber parts up to series of finished accessories and functional elements for facilities or ready-mounted components.

In our Shanghai subsidiary, our team of 25 Chinese employees is in constant contact with the local suppliers. The experienced engineers on the Chinese site are familiar with the standards and planning procedures of the German headquarters. The Shanghai team members maintain existing close contacts and make new ones. Even for highly specific customer demands they’ll find suitable partners fast and reliably. Since 2008, our staff in China have been supervising the local production for our German customers, thus ensuring a high level of production security and an optimal cost-benefit structure.

The goal of our global sourcing is to identify suppliers who can deliver the greatest possible value at the lowest possible total cost with agreed quality.

Daniel Krichel, DTG Global sourcing
Daniel Krichel

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