Plant engineering

We develop and deliver solutions for reliable processes in the food and pharmaceuticals industry. We think in terms of sustainability and operate economically. And we make use of all effects resulting from the close cooperation of all DTG competence units. Always for the benefit of our customers.

Our services include

  • Conception & Development
  • Feasibility investigations
  • CAD construction
  • FEM calculation
  • Machine and special machine construction
  • Plant optimization
  • Assembly and commissioning

Some call it the „one-stop“ advantage, we call it the „DTG all-in-one“ benefit. Our design staff can thus clarify an issue fast and effectively with their next-door colleagues from manufacturing. And that’s what’s best for our customers!

Günter Simons, DTG Plant Engineering
Günter Simons

We at DTG are pleased to support you by providing all further services from comprehensive planning to Installation!