The TSM03 and TSM04 mobile cleaners for cleaning waste containers

The interior of organic waste bins and other waste containers is not what you would call appealing. Cleaning the bins really is a nasty business.

Our mobile cleaner gets the job done with a technically matured, efficient, and environmentally friendly cleaning system.

The cleaning system is housed in a DTG-specific construction and mounted on a small and easily maneuverable Mercedes Sprinter chassis. Two cleaning lances rinse every corner of the containers with warm water at a pressure of 80 to 100 bar. The system includes a water supply of 1,000 liters that is used several times circulating through a filter system.

Download TSM03 data sheet

What about some extras? The mobile cleaner TSM 04 Spülmobil

  • Exterior and interior cleaning
  • Completely enclosed cleaning cabinet
  • Same driving license category required and nearly the same length as TSM03
  • Larger water supply
  • No side container needed
  • Separate washbasin
Download TSM04 data sheet
Spuelmobil TSM 04