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DTG GmbH Development & Technology

Welcome to DTG GmbH Development & Technology. We are manufacturers of industrial parts and service providers for industrial facilities and we pride ourselves in being a reliable and innovative partner to the industry. At our headquarters in Niederzier, situated between Cologne and Aachen, we have a team of engineers, designers, technicians and production staff which liaises closely with our customers and constantly contributes to further expanding our global sales and planning network.

Procurement service

Import is one of the mainstays of our business. We procure industry supplies and OEM products from China...

Processing methods

The processing methods of the custom orders comprise turning, milling, cutting and edging ...



Facility service

Costs for repairs can be effectively minimized by ensuring that systems are accurately aligned...

Vehicle Technology

The insides of biowaste containers and other waste bins are never what you would call appealing ...

Global procurement service

The combination of our German engineering skills together with the benefits of Chinese production capacities is our key to guaranteeing our customers the best in cost-optimized, quality-controlled manufacturing.
Our quest is to excel with mobility, flexibility and controlled processes so as to succeed in a market in which competition is getting tougher and tougher. And we strive to perfection these principles in our technical and logistical service offers and constantly re-define these: An example of this is our intelligent merge of German engineering know-how with Chinese production capacities. This results in a cost-optimized and quality-controlled production at DTG (Development & Technology). Our partnership with the OSA (Organisation South Asia) which has several generations of experience in business in the Far East serves to augment our competence.



In 2017, DTG GmbH acquired Dekaplan and thus expanded its portfolio in the field of project planning. At the beginning of 2019, we also integrated MRW from Schwerte into DTG as DTG...

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