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Turning, milling, edging, welding

Turning and milling

Gildemeister CTX alpha 500
CNC turning machine with 4 axes and driven tools
Turning diameter: (65 mm with bar loader) otherwise 230 mm,
longitudinal: 500 mm

Gildemeister CTX 410
CNC turning machine with 2 axes and 12-fold tool changer
Turning diameter: 300 mm, longitudinal: 500 mm

Gildemeister DMG 1150 V
3 axes CNC milling machine with 30-fold tool changer
Working area (X/Y/Z) 1.150 mm/600 mm/600 mm

Kunzmann BA 600
3 axes CNC milling machine with 24-fold tool changer
Working area (X/Y/Z) 600 mm/400 mm/600 mm

Cutting and edging with process safety

  • CNC press brake with up to 3.5m width
  • Shears with up to 3m width
  • Various hole punches
  • Various welding techniques
  • Small and medium-sized volume production
  • Custom-specific production

Punching and deep-drawing with process safety

  • Eccentric press for up to 63 t
  • Mature tool concept
  • Inexpensive series production
  • Flexible and fast sample production




In 2017, DTG GmbH acquired Dekaplan and thus expanded its portfolio in the field of project planning. At the beginning of 2019, we also integrated MRW...

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