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Vehicle Technology

Spülmobil TSM03

The insides of biowaste containers and other waste bins are never what you would call appealing. Cleaning the bins is not a pleasant task. No-one really would volunteer for the job.

We’ve solved that problem:

Our mobile cleaner TSM03 Spülmobil (waste bin cleaner) takes care of this job with a technically matured, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning system.

The cleaning unit is mounted on a small and easily manoeuvrable Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. Two cleaning lances clean right into the corners of the bins using warm water with 80 to 1000 bar pressure. A water supply of 1000 litres is integrated and the water is re-used several times thanks to a filter circuit.

Clean waste bins are an issue for everyone!

See how this has become possible with the TSM03.

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