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Secure logistics

At DTG GmbH, we offer warehousing services and ensure deliveries of part quantities as part of our 24 hour-delivery service. Our customers enjoy free transport from the target port of Rotterdam into Germany.

Reliable, just-in-time delivery is the result of our warehousing in Germany and our modern logistics system.

We have the right logistic solution to fit your requirements:

  • Warehousing in Germany/ reliable delivery
  • Kanban system
  • Space for 2.000 pallets
  • Our own containers
  • Follow-up handling
  • Safety stock in German warehouse
  • Just-in-time free delivery
  • Delivery in part quantities
  • Term of payment at DTG GmbH
  • Final assembly at facility in Niederzier




In 2017, DTG GmbH acquired Dekaplan and thus expanded its portfolio in the field of project planning. At the beginning of 2019, we also integrated MRW...

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